CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey

Throughout the last decade, we have seen various companies use versatile methods to ensure customer satisfaction. Of all these methods, customer surveys are still the best. Nobody is better than the customer to understand what does or doesn’t make them happy.

The CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey was created so that the customer’s voices don’t go unheard. They strive to be aware of their mistakes and work for the same. With all the technology boom, all this is way better than before. Just a click is all it takes.

About CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy isa drug store chain spread all across the Unites States. Its founding stone was laid in 1963. The stores were then known as consumer value stores. From then to now, this drug chain has made immense progress. It has now expanded to selling daily household items, medicines, beauty and personal care items, photos prints etc.

It has even opened minute clinics for treatment of minor illnesses. With over 1000 of these clinics, this chain is growing and thriving. The pharmacy provides service to thousands of people and even provides them preventive measures. To improve themselves, they started the CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Before the survey

  •  Since it is an online survey, one must have access to a phone or a laptop with internet access to be able to fill the survey.
  • This survey is only available in English and Spanish. So, one must know how to speak either English or Spanish in order to fil this survey
  •  You must have the receipt of your last payment to CVS Pharmacy containing the 17 digit survey ID
  • You must be above 18 years of age. Only adults can take this survey.

Steps to take the survey online

  1. Open the official CVS survey website.
  2. There is a 17 digit survey ID printed on your receipt. Type that Survey ID in the appropriate box.
  3. Click on NEXT button.
  4.  A series of questions regarding your experience will appear on the screen.
  5. Answer all the questions honestly and take your time.
  6. Text boxes are provided for anyone who wants to write more detailed answers.
  7. You have now completed the survey.

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