The Platinum Card from Amex is a high-end travel credit card with a hefty yearly fee that provides advantages like access to airport lounges, elite hotel status with Hilton Honours and Marriott Bonvoy, and significant bonus earnings on airline flight reservations. Although the card’s annual fee may appear exorbitant, it’s not that awful when you consider all the statement credits, which include a $200 airline incidental credit. The fact that this credit covers additional airline charges, such as in-flight and airport fees, makes it a desirable choice for tourists.

The Amex Platinum card’s airline incidental credit is finally explained in detail in this blog post, along with your best alternatives for using your card’s $200 yearly credit.

Amex Platinum Card – A Glimpse

Benefits from the Amex Platinum Card for luxury travel include statement credits, access to lounges, and free elite status. Its major features and 80,000-point welcome offer are displayed graphically below.

What Is the Amex Platinum Card’s Airline Incidental Credit?

For use towards certain airlines’ in-flight charges, the Amex Platinum and Amex Business Platinum Cards give up to a $200 airline incidental fee credit. In-flight drinks and checked luggage fees are examples of eligible items. However, purchases made using gift cards, points, or miles are not reimbursable, nor are airline tickets. Statement credits are not available for incidental flight fees that were charged before selection. For the charge to be recognised as an incidental air travel fee, the airline must submit it under the proper merchant code, industry code, or required service or product identification. You can charge these costs to your Amex Platinum card after choosing your airline, and you’ll get a statement credit within 4 weeks of the charge being posted to your account.

Airline for Your Airline Incidental Credit Selection

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines are among the airlines for which the Amex Platinum card provides incidental charge credit. Choose the airline to utilise the credit, and switch it yearly. Prior purchases that were made are ineligible for reimbursement.

The Amex Platinum website simplifies airline selection for Amex Platinum cardholders. Log in, choose your Amex Platinum card from the list, and then pick the Rewards & Benefits option. To view the features offered by your Amex Platinum card, scroll down. Select the Learn More button after finding the $200 Airline Fee Credit option. Then, using the drop-down menu in the screen’s middle, select the airline of your preference.

Top Means To Use Your Airline Incidental Fee Credit

Plane tickets, point purchases, or gift cards cannot be made with the Amex Platinum card’s airline incidental charge credit. However, there are several ways to use the credit all year long, including buying gift cards and tickets. These are –

  1. Airport Lounge Day Passes and Annual Memberships – The American Express Platinum card grants extended lounge access to numerous American Airlines Admirals Clubs, Delta Sky Clubs, and United Clubs. However, in order for lounge fees to be covered, the airline must be chosen. Amex Platinum cardholders are not entitled to free guest entrance to the Delta Sky Club but can do so for $29 per person. Holders of Amex Platinum cards will receive reimbursement for their admission fees if Delta is chosen as the airline.
  2. Change Fees – Although the flight difference is frequently paid like a plane ticket, the Amex Platinum card incidental fee covers itinerary change fees and airfare differences.
  3. Inflight Amenities & Entertainment Fees – Inflight entertainment costs, such as TV, movie, and tablet rentals, are covered by incidental fee credits on United and Alaska Airlines. In-flight internet, which is normally invoiced by a third party, is not covered by this. Although United reimburses for in-flight entertainment, there is no assurance that it will. Most other in-flight expenditures, including headphones, blankets, food, and drink, are immediately reimbursed by Amex Platinum cards since the airline is the one who charges them.
  4. Seat Selection, Pet Flight & Phone Booking Fees – A few more ways for your airline incidental fee credit redemption. For budget airlines, United Airlines offers Economy Plus flights with complimentary seat selection and Space seats on JetBlue, as well as basic economy fares without it. Amex Platinum card also offers incidental credit for pet fees, which can be used to cover a significant portion of refunds. Moreover, when purchasing award tickets or flights via special routing, the Amex Platinum card offers incidental fee credit. The card pays the cost in the event that an agent is unable to waive it.
  5. Priority boarding- All airlines accept these purchases, giving customers the first choice of the finest seats, but only some carriers’ incidental fees pay the cost of priority boarding.
  6. Delta Airfare Purchased Partially With a Gift Card – American Express reimburses Delta for tickets that were partially paid with gift cards due to an additional collection that is not authorised. As a result of the transaction being viewed as an add-on or in-flight charge, American Express might not honour incidental credit for it.
  7. Admirals Club Food or Drink Purchases – Premium food and drink purchases made at American Airlines Admirals Club locations that are billed directly by the airline are refunded by American Express. There are no relevant data about other lounges so be careful.

Purchases That Do Not Trigger the Airline’s Incidental Credit

Now that you’ve got all the information you need to know about what does or doesn’t qualify for this credit, let’s take a look at what doesn’t. Further award costs, like the $5.60 TSA Security Fee, cannot be refunded by the TSA since they are posted to American Express cards as airfare. Also excluded from compensation are purchases of airline gift cards, cabin upgrades, and in-flight Wi-Fi. However, it has been stated that United Airlines Wi-Fi purchases are reimbursed because they are billed separately or through the airline app before the trip. Because they could not be qualified for compensation, this problem impacts American Express and other airlines.

What if My Purchase Isn’t Automatically Reimbursed?

American Express reimburses qualified charges in four weeks; however, certain charges may slip between the cracks. Call the card number or use American Express’s live chat facility to request compensation.


With additional checked bags and lounge access, the Amex Platinum card offers a modest airline incidental fee credit, adding value to the travel experience. These techniques enable users to travel more cheaply and with greater enjoyment.