Droid4X – #1 Android Emulator

Droid4X is a popular name on the internet. It is used as an android emulator for Windows 10 PC and laptops. Using this emulator you can run many popular android games and applications on your windows computer.

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Droid4X Features

About Droid4x

Droid4X is a powerful and robust android app emulator which offers a lot of options to run popular Android applications on Windows PC. This android app emulator offers full Android experience on the big screen of a PC without any problem. Users can play popular android games like Kitchen Stories, Clash of Clans or Subway Surfers the same way they would have loved it on their Android smartphone. Not just games but android apps too run smoothly with Droid4X as it offers a robust environment on Windows PC for android apps to work perfectly.

Droid4X is the most loved android app emulator on the internet among all its competitors. It offers reliability in its features and works with even basic of the configuration which is a good thing for users having a simple computer. There are many cool features and upsides of using Droid4X which we believe will appease its users and entrust them with the reliable performance of the emulator. Some of these features listed below to make users have the knowledge of what Droid4X offers: –

  • True android experience – Enjoy all possible listed apps within the Google Play Store on Windows PC.
  • Touchscreen adaptability – Isn’t it fun to use PC screen like a smartphone? Perform actions using a touchscreen within Droid4X.
  • Quick gamepad configurations – Do mouse, keyboard or gamepad configuration in second using available tools for the enhanced gaming experience.
  • Unlimited and free – Enjoy unlimited gaming for no cost as Droid4X let users access all games within Play Store.
  • Built-in screen recorder – Record anything be it gameplay at any moment or a video from a movie or anything else.
  • Direct Downloads – Need not to patch third-party downloads with Droid4X. Apps are download directly from the Google Play Store within the emulator.

This huge list of features is not complete. What more Droid4X offers is personalized controls in the parental menu so that users can choose to use this emulator in a convenient way. The best thing about Droid4X is its lifetime free service which assures users of a great tool to run their favourite Android games and other applications on their PC without having to pay for any subscription. And if you’re an android app developer, you get this free tool to test your developed apps. In a nutshell, Droid4X makes a great Android emulator for many people and they don’t need to look out for alternatives.

How to Install Droid4X on My computer?

If you want to install Droid 4X on your computer, you must follow the steps written down below:

  1. Visit the official URL for Droid4X.
  2. Go to the About Droid4x section on the website.
  3. Click on the red button saying ‘Download Droid4X’.
  4. It will direct you to the download page to save the binary file ‘droid4x.exe’
  5. Once it is download on your computer, install it on your windows computer after allowing required permissions.



I love to play games on bigger screen. Now I can play games on my computer with Droid4x emulator.


I am an Android app developer and loves to use this emulator for testing apps directly on my computer.


I used many emulators in the past. But now I can say this is the best free Android emulator for windows.


Now I can install my loved apps in my computer and use them. Thanks to the Droid4x team.

FAQ Section

1. Will Droid4X work on my computer?
Absolutely. It works with all existing versions of Windows including Win7, 8, and 10. If you’re using any of these version of Windows OS, you can enjoy using Droid4X on your PC.

2. How can I install APK on Droid4X?
The first step is going to Settings>Install App>Select the location where .apk file is stored on your computer then double click on the apk file to install it.

3. I want to report a problem. What shall I do?
Use the contact information available on our website. You can expect us to get back to you within 24 Hours.

4. Will Droid4X affects the performance of my system?
Yes. It depends on the configuration of the PC you are using. Advance technical configuration ensures better performance.