Buffalo Wild Wings Guest Satisfaction Survey

Throughout the last decade, we have seen various companies use versatile methods to ensure customer satisfaction. Of all these methods, customer surveys are still the best. Nobody is better than the customer to understand what does or doesn’t make them happy.

The Buffalo Wild Wings has also made one such survey to be more connected to all of its customers and know their views as well. With the digital age at our doorstep, collecting surveys is a very easy job. The data is a click away unlike the old times. Everyone can fill the survey easily.

About Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is extremely popular for its seasoning, sauces and mainly wings. Its founding stain was laid by three friends in 1982. Now spread across all of US, it is soaring popularity from thousands. It gives a sportsbar’s vibe. Beers are also.served here. It has stores in over 1100 locations and many more employees who work in a friendly environment. Customers can select between burgers, appetizers and salads. It also offers carry out option as well.

Before the survey

  • Since it is a digital survey, one must have access to a phone or a laptop with internet access to be able to fill the survey.
  • This survey is only available in English and Spanish. So, one must know how to speak either English or Spanish in order to fil this survey
  • You must have the receipt of your last payment to the Buffalo Wild Wings containing an invitation for the survey.

Steps to take the online survey

  1. Go to Buffalo Wild Wings Official Survey website.
  2. The survey is available in English and Spanish. Choose the language you prefer.
  3. Read all the instructions carefully.
  4. Click on NEXT button.
  5. There is a store number on the receipt. Type the number into the appropriate box.
  6. Click on NEXT button.
  7. Enter the last 20 digits from your check number.
  8. A series of simple questions will appear on the screen.
  9. Take your time and answer the questions honestly.
  10. After finishing the survey, a coupon code will appear on the screen.
  11. Use this code when you visit Buffalo Wild Wings next time to avail discount.
  12. You have now finished the survey.

Source link

Buffalo Wild Wings survey website- http://www.bwwlistens.com/