Throughout the last decade, we have seen various companies use versatile methods to ensure customer satisfaction. Of all these methods, customer surveys are still the best. Nobody is better than the customer to understand what does or doesn’t make them happy.

In this fast-paced world, customer satisfaction is still the key to a successful venture. This applies to the restaurant industry as well. There is always room for improvement in this industry. But to make things right, one needs to know what is wrong. Surveys are the perfect way to do that. With the neck to neck competition between various food chains, even a little improvement can go a long way.

With all the technology that we have today at an arm’s length, it is only becoming easier. Gone are the days when it took days to complete a survey. It is just a matter of a few minutes now.  Customer satisfaction surveys now play a crucial role in providing primary data to the food chains. The shortcomings reported are worked upon and necessary changes are implemented.

About Burger King

Burger King is an American fast-food chain. Its headquarters are situated in Miami. It started in 1953 as Insta-Burger King but faced some financial difficulties soon after. It was then bought by its Miami franchise and renamed Burger King. In the next 50 years, it gained mass popularity. Today, it is loved by people all over the globe. It has 17796 outlets in 100 countries. At least 11 million people visit it daily. With the expansion in its menu, its days of glory have only been increasing.

Burger King Survey details:

Burger King believes that a business can only grow when the customers are satisfied. To ensure the same, they created a customer satisfaction survey. It is an online survey and so is easily accessible for everyone. After completing the survey, one receives a free whopper. This provides a fair and honest feedback to Burger King and free whoppers to the customers.

These rewards can only be used at Burger King within a specific time- generally within 14 days. You can take this survey at

Rules to enter in this survey:

  • Since the survey is online, it is a given that a technical device with internet access is necessary to complete the same.
  • Only those of age 18 or above are eligible to take this survey.
  • You must have the receipt from your last purchase at Burger King.
  • The survey is only available in three languages- English, Spanish and French. So, one must know any one of these languages to fill the survey.
  • One must have legal proof of being a US resident as well.
  • One is only eligible to participate in this offer it he/she has purchased food from Burger King.
  • The survey receipt must be used with 14 days of purchase. After 14 days, it becomes invalid.
  • The offer on the survey stands alone and can’t be used with other offers.
  • The survey offer can not be used by the employees of Burger King or their families.
  • One guest can only have one survey.

Steps to take the survey online:

  • After making the purchase from Burger King, go to its guest satisfaction page.
  • There are three language options available- English, Spanish and French. Choose the language you prefer.
  • First enter the restaurant number. You can find it at the bottom of the bill.
  • Enter the survey code which is present at the bottom of the receipt.
  • In order to proceed, clink on the NEXT.
  • This commences your Burger King survey.
  • Rate them according to your experience at Burger King.
  • There will be some simple questions. Answer those honestly and accurately.
  • Enter your contact details as asked.
  • After entering your contact details, a validation code will appear on the screen.
  • This validation code is necessary to redeem your offer. So don’t loose it and use it the next time you visit Burger King.
  • The survey has ended.

Source Links:

Burger King Official Website:

Final Thought

With the detailed information given above, I hope you are now well informed about the Burger King customer survey and can have a hassle-free experience while filling the survey. I hope that this  has been helpful to you. Do read all the rules before heading to the survey.