If you wish to install TorrDroid on PC, then this post is meant for you. People who are crazy about movies, series, songs, and video download, would be aware of Torrent. Now, the thing is – downloading torrents requires browsing, but TorrDroid changes the process.

You can download the TorrDroid app on PC as well, but for that, you need to skim through the full post. We will give you a step-by-step method of the whole process. Take a quick look!

What is TorrDroid App?

TorrDroid is a search engine, and also a client. You can easily search as well as download torrents through this application. In case you are trying to find specific torrents like a recent/old movie or a particular series, this app will help you search for the torrent without browsing. It makes the process straightforward.

All you have to do is type the torrent you are searching for, and you will get the results within seconds.

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Features of TorrDroid App

Now, let’s take a quick look at the features of this amazing and convenient application.

  • Offers an automatic search option
  • User can play the video before downloading it
  • View and open the downloaded files. You can also delete it at any point.
  • You can do multiple downloads
  • There are no upload limits here
  • No monitoring required till the download completes

The application is readily accessible on a smart phone. As of now, there is no PC version, but there are ways to download and install it on your system. Keep reading!

Download and Install TorrDroid App on PC:

Considering this is an application, you can easily download torrents on your mobile device. But, what about the bigger screen? The good news is that you can download and install TorrDroid application on your PC too.

Step 1: You would need to get an Android emulator on your PC. We would recommend you to opt for BLUESTACKS.

Step 2: Go to the official website of Bluestacks to download the setup file. Once it is done, install the emulator by following the steps mentioned on the screen. In case you get stuck in between the process, read the installation guide to move forward.

Step 3: Now that the emulator is available on your system. Open the emulator on your PC and type ‘TORRDROID app’ in the search box. In case you are using the NOX player, simply head to Google Play Store and use your login credentials. Search for TorrDroid application and wait for the results to show up. It takes a few seconds.

Step 4: Click the install icon and wait for the application to be accessible. The download and installation process will start.

Step 5: Now, open the Nox emulator or Bluestacks emulator screen and find the installed application on the page.

There you go! Now, you can start using the application. Find the torrent files that you would like to download.

Final Verdict

TorrDroid application is a must-have for anyone who enjoys downloading movies and watching it later. It is also meant for those people who love downloading music and videos. There are times when you miss watching a movie in the theatre, or cannot find the episode you really liked of a particular season.

With TorrDroid by your side, you can download anything you desire with a single click. Whether it is Nox or Bluestacks, get the emulator and install any application that you like. It allows you to get any of your favourite applications on your PC (Windows & MAC). If there are any issues along the way, the Bluestacks installation guide will help you out.

So, go ahead and download TorrDroid! Downloading torrent files without browsing is just few steps away.