La Madeleine, a USA-based country French café, has initiated a survey for its guests at This is a web-based consumer feedback and satisfaction survey that has been designed and is being overseen by the brand.

As customers respond to this survey, it helps the company gauge how impressed customers are with the services and products the business offers. You are free to provide the company with concerns, recommendations, and feedback by participating in this survey. One may also offer valuable suggestions to help the business improve.

La Madeleine pays attention to every viewpoint and recommendation in order to improve their customer service, environment, and goods. They then use this knowledge to satisfy all customer demands. It will improve your as well as others’ subsequent experiences.

Participants would also get a special deal or free product (depending on the purchase receipt) and a validation code to use at the completion of this survey.


About La Madeleine

La Madeleine de Corps, Inc., doing business as La Madeleine, is a restaurant franchise with 86 locations in Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Virginia. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. In Brest, a city in Brittany in northwest France, Louis le Duff launches Brioche Dorée, his debut patisserie concept.

Patrick Esquerré, a Loire Valley native, created La Madeleine Country French Café in February 1983. With the assistance and help of Neiman Marcus founder Stanley Marcus and his mother, Monique Esquerré, he built his first patisserie on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, Texas, near Southern Methodist University, and it quickly blossomed into a café.

All of the chain’s eateries, which are spread throughout the states of Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Virginia, serve breakfast, lunch, and supper in a cafeteria-style setting. Sandwiches, salads, and soups from the Loire Valley are the main dishes. Currently, Le Duff, a brand of French restaurants, owns La Madeleine. The structures are made to look like the eateries that dot the French countryside. The restaurants are renowned for keeping a fire going in the winter, and farm tools and impressionist paintings display on the walls.

The North Texas Ethics Association selected the restaurant chain as a recipient of the Great Dallas Business Ethics Award in 2018.


Rules & Guidelines: La Madeleine Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • To participate in the survey, you must have a receipt for your last La Madeleine.
  • The receipt has the survey invitation.
  • The purchase receipt is usable for 3 days only.
  • The survey can only be taken online.
  • The survey is limited to one receipt per person.
  • The promotion is only valid for one freebie per receipt and visit.
  • The customer must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry into the survey.
  • A valid La Madeleine receipt with a survey invitation is a must to participate in the survey.
  • One must have access to a computer and the internet.
  • The customer must know English or Spanish language.

How to participate in the La Madeleine Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Step 1: The La Madeleine Satisfaction Survey can only be taken online.

Step 2: To participate in the survey, go to

Step 3: Choose between English and Spanish as your preferred language.

Step 4: Read carefully the short paragraph given regarding the survey, enter the survey code given on your receipt, and click “Start” when you are ready.

Step 5: Please answer all the questions and give your feedback as honestly and thoroughly as you can after carefully reading all the directions.

Step 6: Once the survey starts, you will get questions to answer. There will be multiple-choice questions as well as a few essay ones.

Step 7: Based on your recent experience of your last visit to la Madeleine answer all the questions. This will help you share your experience and feedback.

Step 8: Some questions may be multiple-choice questions where only one answer is needed to be chosen.

Step 9: There may be other multiple-choice questions where more than one answer can be chosen.

Step 10: There are text boxes to help you type essay-type answers wherever necessary.

Step 11: Please keep in mind that it is critical to carefully read the instructions at the beginning of each webpage in order to comprehend and understand all required details.

Step 12: After completing the survey, click “Next.”

Step 13: The prize is to get an offer.

Step 14: We request that you enter your contact information, like your name, phone number, and email address, at the end of the survey.

Step 15: Once you finish answering all the questions, you will be given a validation code.

Step 16: Write down the validation code on your receipt and take it with you on your next visit to La Madeleine to redeem it.

Step 17: Your receipt has a special discount offer printed on it. Read carefully if you want to take advantage of the offer.


Contact Details

Visit the brand webpage at to leave a message, and one of the “La Madeleine” representatives will get back to you.


Do you want to talk to a La Madeleine representative about your personal observation? Seize the opportunity being provided to you by this brand and complete this survey right away if you wish to let the company know how enjoyable their cuisine is or if their client support is up to standard.

Additionally, upon successful participation and proper completion of the questionnaire, the respondents can receive a special discount or free item as well as a validation code to redeem at the brand store.

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