XIAOMI entered the technological industry in recent years, but it has become one of the most popular brands. They have launched several products including smartwatches, phones, smart bands, and MIUI devices.

So, here’s a question for you. Are you a proud owner of Xiaomi products? If the answer is a resounding YES, then consider getting the MI Home application which allows you to manage all the XIAOMI products. What’s the relationship between the two? Well, here’s a complete post that explains what MI home is, and how it can be installed on your PC.

What is MI Home?

MI Home is the official application of XIAOMI brand. Considering XIAOMI has multiple products lined up in the market, the tech team decided to offer a smart way to users to manage them.

You can easily configure as well as program your smart watch, alarm clock, vacuum cleaner, lamp, security camera, and many more products via this helpful application. Yes, you need to OWN the product to use this application.

Isn’t this a convenient way to monitor all the devices?

Before we move on with the installation process on PC, you have to create a user account. If it is too much of hassle for you, use the Facebook profile to log in and use the application.

Each of the XIAOMI products has to be configured individually on the application. It takes a couple of seconds! If you use XIAOMI products on a regular basis, this application is meant for you!

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Features of MI HOME

Let’s take a look at the features of MI Home application. These include:

  • Communicate with any device nearby
  • Manage those devices
  • Connect the devices to each other
  • Connect the XIAOMI devices to the network

In a nutshell, the application is super easy to use, and does not require technical expertise. You can use it easily without any expert intervention.

There is no PC version as of now, but there are ways to download it on your system. The next section covers the step-by-step method to download MI home app in PC.

How To Download & Install MI Home APP In PC?

Before you read the step-by-step method, consider getting Bluestacks on your PC. NOX player is also an option for you. These are Android emulators that allow you to download and install applications that are only accessible on smart phones.

Step 1: Download the setup file of Bluestack from the official website. It takes a couple of seconds.

Step 2: Once it is downloaded, follow the installation process mentioned on the screen. You can also go through the installation guide of Bluestacks. It will give you a lot of information.

Step 3: Now that Bluestacks has been installed on your system, open it and search for ‘MI HOME.’ You will see it in the results section. Click on install and wait for it to complete.

Step 4: The application has been installed successfully. Open the Bluestacks emulator and find the icon of MI HOME.

Step 5: You can start using MI home now. Use this application to manage and communicate with all the Xiaomi devices in the home or office.

Step 6: The login process is quite easy. Use your Facebook account or enter the email address to login. You can use either of them.

Final Verdict

We would recommend this application to anyone who uses XIAOMI products on a regular basis. The products are a prized possession!

Since technology is giving you the option to control the devices via a smartphone or PC, you must make good use of it.

So, without further ado, go ahead and download/install the application on your PC. Don’t forget to get the emulator before you kick-start the process.