The Sears Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023 is a questionnaire created by Sears, Roebuck And Company, commonly known as Sears, an American multinational corporation and one of the largest retailers in the United States.

You may find this internet-based survey page at The purpose of creating this was to provide clients with an opportunity to submit insightful comments about their previous interactions with the brand. Authentic feedback on the services they provide will be gathered through the survey questionnaire. One’s constructive feedback will enable the business to figure out what to adjust to improve the experience for consumers. The business can get feedback from customers and find out how to enhance sales, retail management, and customer support.

Moreover, Individuals have the possibility of winning a $500 sweepstakes reward in Shop Your Way Points as a “thank you” for all of their assistance in completing the survey and partaking in the betterment of the company. Since it’s an internet-based survey, anyone may complete it whenever they have a moment to spare.


About Sears

Sears, Roebuck And Company, commonly known as sears, is an American multinational corporation and one of the largest retailers in the United States. The company was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1886 as a mail-order catalogue company and grew to become a brick-and-mortar retailer in the mid-20th century. Sears was a leader in the retail industry for many years, offering a wide range of products including clothing, appliances, electronics, and tools. The company also operated a chain of department stores under the Sears name.

In the latter part of the 20th century, sears faced increased competition from discount retailers and struggled to remain relevant in the changing retail landscape. Sears holds a significant place in American retail history. The company’s mail-order catalogues, which offered a wide range of goods and were often the only source of shopping for many rural Americans – helped to revolutionize the retail industry and bring products to people in remote areas. Sears’ success also helped to spur the growth of the American middle class, as the company offered affordable products and credit options that allowed many people to purchase goods they would not have been able to afford otherwise.

From 1973 – 1995, sears’ corporate headquarters were located in Chicago’s Sears tower. The company now has its headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. In 2021, sears made the announcement that it will be selling its Hoffman Estates office building. The 115 mostly privately operated hometown outlets will be liquidated, according to an announcement made on December 26th by Sears Approved Hometown Stores, LLC, and associated debtor Sears Hometown, Inc.

Sears Grand, Sears Appliance & Mattress, And Sears Home Life Stores, along with 17 full-line sears stores, were still operational as of February 2023.


Rules & Guidelines: Sears Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023

  • Sears provided the most current original receipt.
  • Simple proficiency in Spanish or English.
  • You need a working email address.
  • A web-connected device, such as a phone, computer, or tablet.
  • You needed to make a purchase at Sears in order to join the giveaway.
  • Complete the survey as soon as two weeks have passed since your Sears purchase.
  • For more information about Sears’ poll, look at the original receipt.

How to participate in the Sears Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023?

Step 1: Sears Customer Satisfaction Survey can only be taken online

Step 2: To participate in the survey go to

Step 3: Select your preferred language as English or Spanish by choosing. Click the button for the preferred language.

Step 4: You may also get to see and read the rules and regulations as well as the privacy policy of the sweepstakes.

Step 5: Read carefully the information given regarding the survey and enter the Sales Check number given on the receipt. There will be a diagram to help you find the information. Click on the blue hyperlink for “SEE EXAMPLE” Click “Next” when finished.

Step 6: Once the survey starts you will get questions to answer based on your experience.

Step 7: Based on your experience of your last visit to Sears answer all the questions. This will help you to share your experience and feedback.

Step 8: Please give your feedback honestly and as accurately as you can after reading all the directions carefully.

Step 9: Once you fill in the survey click on “NEXT”

Step 10: The prize is $500 in cash.

Step 11: When you finished with the survey you will be eligible to enter the sweepstakes.

Step 12: Follow the instructions and enter your information the company will notify you in case you win.

Step 13: We request you to enter your contact information like name, number and email address at the end of the survey. This will be used for the sweepstake.

Step 14: Please read and follow the instructions carefully. In case you do not wish to enter the process of drawing /sweepstakes please close the browser.


Contact Details

To help the brand address their feedback/complaints/suggestions, please log on to and select the particular issue and personnel from the company’s customer service team will contact you.



With the combination of both traditional and online engagements, well-known American retailer Sears gives consumers an unparalleled buyer assistance experience. Thus, Sears is conducting this Customer Satisfaction Survey to identify what actually works and what does not from this input, which is something the brand genuinely would like to know. After finishing this questionnaire, participants will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for a chance to win sweepstakes for $500 in Shop Your Way Points from Sears. So Hurry! Take part today!


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