The Target Guest Satisfaction Survey 2023 is a questionnaire created by Target Corporation, one of the largest discount retail chains in the United States. For the clientele of the brand, a shopper’s contentment survey has been accessible via the World Wide Web at

Nowadays, several businesses use surveys about guest satisfaction as a powerful tool to get to know their customers. Business houses use the input they receive to improve their goods and services. Target understands this necessity of conducting a survey and thus will, as a result, give consumers an opportunity to share their thoughts regarding their most previous visits to the retailer.

Consumers have a great chance to give Target their honest views and recommendations. Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to provide an honest evaluation of the brand first-hand and gain generous prizes in exchange. You are free to file any complaints you may have against the business. One can participate in this interactive questionnaire whenever one has time because it is online. All customers have the opportunity to provide insightful feedback by participating in this survey, which the business will utilise to enhance both its goods and consumer experience. Each respondent will be a winner, demonstrating how highly Target America values practical advice and suggestions. Participants have the opportunity to earn substantial incentives in return for finishing the guest satisfaction survey.


About Target Corporation

Target Corporation is one of the largest discount retail chains in the United States. It was founded in 1902 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has since grown to over 1,800 stores nationwide. The company operates as a general merchandise retailer and offers a wide range of products including clothing, electronics, home goods, toys, groceries, and more.

In 1962, Minneapolis’ Dayton’s departmental company created Target as its bargaining arm. As a division of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, it started growing the store countrywide in the 1980s. It introduced a number of shop concepts under the Target moniker in the 1990s. The business has achieved market dominance as a contributor and an inexpensive yet chic label.

In 2000, the parent business changed its name to Target Corporation, and in 2004, it sold off its final departmental chain stores. With its expansion in urban marketplaces within the United States in the early 2010s, it saw resurgent popularity.

The brand is known for its trendy and affordable products, making it a popular destination for budget-conscious shoppers. The company also has a strong online presence, offering customers the ability to shop online and pick up in-store or have items delivered to their homes. In recent years, Target has made a significant push into the food and grocery space. They have expanded their food offerings and now carry a variety of fresh produce, dairy products, meat, and pantry staples.

In addition to its retail operations, Target is known for its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The company has set a number of ambitious goals, including reducing its carbon footprint, increasing the use of renewable energy, and improving the sustainability of its products and packaging.


Rules & Guidelines: Target Guest Satisfaction Survey 2023

  • One must be a US citizen and at least 18 years old in order to take the survey.
  • To begin the survey, enter the user ID and password found on the purchase receipt. As a result, a real Target retail outlet transaction receipt is required.
  • Both a functional contact number and email are required from participants because the brand will utilise the latter to contact the winner.
  • It is necessary to have a laptop, smartphone, or PC with a reliable internet connection.
  • You must be fluent in either Spanish or English because the survey is available in both languages.
  • Members of the family, experts, and Target officials are not permitted to attend.
  • Only one entry per participant per month is permitted in the sweepstakes. The award cannot be transferred.

How to participate in the Target Guest Satisfaction Survey 2023?

Step 1: To begin this questionnaire, visit, the authorized website of the brand’s survey.

Step 2: Choose either English or Spanish as your desired language, then click “NEXT”.

Step 3: Type in the user ID and password that are listed on your Target original receipt.

Step 4: The purpose of your trip to the retail outlet must be stated.

Step 5: Decide which criteria had an impact on overall ranking like Cost, hygiene, establishment policies, transaction, staff conduct, and others.

Step 6: A brief text field for you to share your thoughts on the event displays.

Step 7: Premised on your shopping experience, rate your probability of returning to Target. Press the “NEXT” button.

Step 8: Grade your previous Target retail experience on a scale of 1 to 10. Pricing, client support, establishment aesthetics, return policies, availability of the merchandise, etc. are some of the categories. Press the “NEXT” button.

Step 9: List the sections of the shop you visited, such as the pharmacy, café, grocery, etc. Press the “NEXT” button.

Step 10: On the subsequent pages, this questionnaire will request you to assess how satisfied you are with several merchandise categories. Continue selecting your preferences.

Step 11: In order to enter the sweepstakes, you must submit your contact information, which includes name, address, state, and zip code.

Step 12: You’ll find out right away if you earned the $25 cash reward after completing the Target customer survey, either way. A note confirming your participation in the giveaway will also be sent to you. Here, there is a possibility for you to win a $1500 gift card. Finally, you must submit your survey asking for feedback.

Step 13: After responding to all the questions, you must state your gender, birth year, ethnicity, etc. You are free to answer or skip this stage as you like.

Step 14: The final page then displays, requiring you to input your name and contact information. Ticking this box will exclude you from the contest if you don’t want to provide your personal details. To finish this questionnaire, click “Submit”.


Contact Details

To help the brand address their feedback/complaints/suggestions, please logon to select the particular issue and personnel from the company’s customer service team will contact you.



Target is a beloved brand that offers customers a wide range of products at affordable prices. Its commitment to sustainability, and social responsibility, and its employees have endeared it to consumers and established it as a leader in the discount retail space. Thus, Target is conducting this Guest Satisfaction Survey. Your participation will assist the business to identify what actually works and what does not from this input, which is something it genuinely would like to know. After finishing this questionnaire, participants will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for a chance to win exciting prizes from Target. So Hurry! Participate today!


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