Checkers and Rally’s, a very well-known chain of drive-thru eateries across the United States, has introduced a “Guest Obsessed Survey” for its customers at This is a completely web-based, consumer-focused satisfaction survey that has been designed and overseen by the brand. This Guest Experience survey seeks to assist the company in bettering customer service and hearing what the consumers have to say.

This Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey is a useful marketing tool. The business will be able to determine consumer likes and dislikes thanks to it. This survey will give the business’s management an opportunity to learn more about their clients and establish enduring, interpersonal relationships with them. You can express your thoughts about your most recent visit with Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey.

Simple questions about your visit will be asked of you. Less than 5 minutes are needed to answer the questionnaire. This is your opportunity to assist the business in enhancing its offerings. By assisting them in resolving challenges, you will enable them to continue serving you better. Additionally, the brand is providing all survey takers with coupons and discount certificates. Participants who use these vouchers will receive any sandwich for free when they buy a big beverage.

About Checkers and Rally’s

In the US, there is a network of twin drive-thru eateries called Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. In addition to the District of Columbia, the firm also has Checkers and Rally’s restaurants in 28 other states. French fries, milkshakes, hot dogs, and hamburgers are their specialities. Checkers and Rally are 2 different previously independent enterprises that serve various geographical areas. Checkers cover the southeast, while rallies cover the Midwest. In August 1999, the two chains amalgamated. The word “Checkers” is still used in the southeast and northeast, while “Rally” is still used in the Midwest and California. These two brands are similar in various ways.

The Checkers and Rally’s headquarters are in Tampa, Florida, USA. Checkers and Rallies appointed Frances Allen, the former CEO of the Boston Market, as their next CEO in February 2020.

The emphasis of the brand’s sales strategy is followed by cyclists and motorists who want to eat while on the move. The eateries have minimal seating capacity but good drive-thru services. Burgers, chicken, French fries, hot wings, shakes, hot dogs, and soft drinks are available. The mission of Checkers & Rally’s is to provide hardworking franchisees and personnel with a platform where they can build opportunities for their families, their communities, and themselves.

A number of the most distinguished accolades in the industry have recently been given to the brand, including 140th place on Entrepreneur’s 2018 Franchise 500, Top Food and Beverage Franchise, Best Franchise Deals in 2016 and 2017, “Best Drive-Thru in America” by QSR Magazine, “Hot! Again” accolade from Nation’s Restaurant News, and “#1 Most Craveable Fries” by Restaurant Business.

Rules & Guidelines: Checkers and Rally’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • To participate in the survey, you must have a receipt from your last Checkers and Rally’s visit. The receipt has the survey invitation.
  • This survey is restrained to 1 purchase receipt in step with a person.
  • The coupon is limited to one free coupon per visit.
  • You can only participate in this survey digitally.
  • The purchase receipt has a week’s validity.
  • The coupon is valid for 7 days after the survey completion date.
  • One must have stable and fast access to an internet connection.
  • One must have access to a mobile / computer / electronic device for browsing the web.
  • A valid Checkers and Rally’s receipt with a survey invitation is a must to participate in the survey.

How to participate in Checkers and Rally’s Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Step 1: Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey can only be taken online.

Step 2: To participate in the survey, go to

Step 3: You will be welcomed and asked to participate in the survey. You must have the restaurant receipt to participate in the survey, which will also give you information on how to proceed further.

Step 4: Read carefully the information given regarding the survey, enter the store number and the date of the visit given on the receipt, and click “Start” to go to the form.

Step 5: A sample image will help identify the images on the printed page.

Step 6: You may also get to see and read the rules and regulations of the survey.

Step 7: Once the survey starts, you will get a questionnaire to respond to.

Step 8: Based on your experience of your last visit to Checkers and Rally’s answers, answer all the questions. This will help you share your experience and feedback.

Step 9: Please mention whether you ordered by walking into the restaurant or by driving through the store. Please mention the time of the visit.

Step 10: This survey will help you rate your experience regarding the staff, the freshness and temperature of food, order accuracy, which drinks were ordered, cashier behaviour, the cleanliness of the store, customer service, and more. Be truthful and spontaneous while answering.

Step 11: Please give your feedback honestly and as accurately as you can after reading all the directions carefully.

Step 12: There is a text box to aid you to address your essay-style answer if you want. Please provide more information to the company.

Step 13: Once you fill out the survey, click on “Next.”

Step 14: The prize of the survey is 1 free coupon at Checkers and Rally’s.

Step 15: Describe your frequency of visits to the restaurant in the past month, as well as your reason for choosing Checkers and Rally’s.

Contact Details

To help the brand address your feedback/complaints/suggestions, please connect with them by calling 1-800-800-8072.


Guests are invited to participate in Checkers and Rally’s online survey to express their opinions regarding the restaurant and its offerings. This survey of client satisfaction seeks to assist the company in improving customer service and hearing what the consumers have to say. All survey takers will receive vouchers and discount coupons in exchange for their participation. With the purchase of a big drink and this voucher, customers can get any sandwich as a complimentary. Hurry! Get yours today!

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