Giant Eagles, an international family-owned supermarket business, is conducting a “Giant Eagle Listens” customer satisfaction survey online at

One of the best predictors of a consumer’s preference to make subsequent purchases is the customer experience. Knowing if clients will become champions or repeat customers can be determined by asking them to evaluate their degree of satisfaction. Consumer happiness is a key difference in today’s cutthroat economy. In this competitive environment, businesses that use it as a significant component of their company strategy frequently thrive.

The questions, which are frequently presented as online surveys, are meant to generate a range of responses that are subsequently sent to leadership for review. Although it may seem tedious to complete the survey, doing so helps customers have a better shopping experience. Giant Eagle will be equipped to monitor and assess consumer satisfaction as a result of this survey. In turn, this will make it possible for the company to implement superior procedures to raise the general calibre of both its goods and services to consumers.

After completing the whole Giant Eagle survey on the official website at, participants will be entered to win one of 10 Giant Eagle store gift cards. This Giant Eagle customer satisfaction survey will assist the brand gather feedback from repeat customers.

About Giant Eagles

The American supermarket conglomerate Giant Eagle, Inc., operates branches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland. The company’s headquarters are located in a business park in the O’Hara Township neighbourhood of Pittsburgh.

The business was established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1918, and it became a corporation on August 31, 1931. Eagle Grocery was established as a modest grocery store by the three families, Goldstein, Porter, and Chait. As a result of the company’s success, the Eagle chain expanded to 125 locations. Eagle Grocery was sold by its owners to the Kroger Company in 1928. The families consented to a three-year leave of absence from the supermarket industry as part of their agreement with Kroger. Two families, the Moravitz and Weizenbaum families had been developing their own prosperous chain of major supermarkets known as OK Grocery in the interim. In order to create Giant Eagle, the five families—Goldstein, Porter, Chait, Moravitz, and Weizenbaum—joined forces in 1931. In 1936, the first Giant Eagle grocery store opened on Brownsville Road. The rest is history… Giant Eagle supermarkets have successfully served their consumers for over seven decades.

One of the top 40 family-owned businesses in the USA is Giant Eagle. The corporation had yearly sales of almost $9.9 billion as of the warmer months of 2014. The total number of stores owned by Giant Eagle, Inc. as of the summer of 2022 was 490. Giant Eagle, Giant Eagle Express, Market District, and Market District Express are just a few of the 216 major supermarkets and 274 gas stations/convenience stores that operate under the GetGo brand.

Premised on $10 billion in annual revenue, Supermarket News placed Giant Eagle as the 21st-best of the “Top 75 North American Food Retailers.” According to Forbes, it was the 36th-largest privately held firm in 2021. Giant Eagle is the 49th-largest retail supermarket in the US based on 2005 turnover.


Rules & Guidelines: Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • To participate in the survey, you must have a receipt from your last Giant Eagle Store visit.
  • The receipt has the survey invitation.
  • The sales receipt is legitimate for seven days.
  • The offer expires 30 days after the receipt date.
  • The survey is limited to one receipt per person.
  • The offer is limited to one free item per receipt and per visit.
  • A legal US residency is required for customers to participate in the poll.
  • The customer must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry into the survey.
  • One must have access to a computer and the internet
  • The customer must know English or Spanish.
  • A valid Giant Eagle receipt with a survey invitation is a must to participate in the survey

How to participate in the Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey?

  • Step 1: The Giant Eagle customer satisfaction survey can only be taken online.
  • Step 2: Go to the official website for a review.
  • Step 3: To participate in the survey, go to
  • Step 4: Choose your preferred language.
  • Step 5: Once you click on the above link, you will have to enter the receipt code given at the bottom of the receipt and click “Start” to begin the survey.
  • Step 6: You may also get to see and read the rules and regulations of the sweepstake and the privacy policy, as well as other details on this page before you click on “Start.”
  • Step 7: Once the survey starts, you will get questions to answer. This will help you rate your experience based on the scale by answering multiple-choice or essay-type questions.
  • Step 8: Answer all of the questions based on your most recent visit to the Giant Eagle store. This will help you rate your experience.
  • Step 9: There are text boxes to help you write essay-type answers wherever necessary; please give the company any additional information.
  • Step 10: You are not required to use the text boxes, but wherever they are required, they can be helpful and useful.
  • Step 11: Please give your feedback honestly and as accurately as you can.
  • Step 12: Once you’ve filled in the survey, click on “Next.”
  • Step 13: You will be entering a contest with prizes for the winner.
  • Step 14: The prize is 10 free perks from Giant Eagle.
  • Step 15: We request that you enter your contact information, like your full name, phone number, and email address, and at the end of the survey, you will be
  • Step 16: Entering all the required contact details will be helpful. It will help the Giant Eagle team get in touch with you in case you win.
  • Step 17: Your contact details will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Step 18: After answering all questions to the best of your ability and providing your contact information, the final page will inform you that you have successfully entered the sweepstakes.


Giant Eagle’s dedication to its core values, the welfare of its patrons, and the prosperity of its communities remains as deep as ever as the business continues to thrive and prosper. We take your feedback seriously and do everything we can to offer a welcoming, supportive atmosphere that is focused on families. Thus, the brand has taken the initiative to conduct the survey. After taking part in the customer satisfaction survey, you will be eligible to win a Giant Eagles gift card. Your candid feedback helps them improve or enhance their services, products, and facilities, making your next visit more enjoyable. So take this amazing customer satisfaction survey at and win the rewards. Hurry up! Take your chance to win the Eagle store prize without wasting your time!


Contact details

To help the brand address your feedback/complaints/suggestions, please connect with them via –


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