The Moe’s Southwest Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey 2023 is a questionnaire created by the brand Moe’s itself, an informal American quick-service restaurant chain that offers a variety of Mexican-inspired cuisine. It is an online customer satisfaction survey available at

This questionnaire’s objective is to get opinions from the restaurant’s patrons. This survey attempts to determine how the firm is performing with regard to customer experience and food standards in order to create a booming business with consistent client experience.

Positive feedback enables the Moe’s Southwest Grill staff to keep a finger on the pulse of the everyday conduct that should be created and sustained, and negative feedback clarifies the issues that must be solved for the brand to thrive. In an effort to maintain and improve the overall standard of the customer experience, the business monitors all customer insights through this survey. Completing this entire Moe’s Southwest Grill online survey should really not take much time. Here are some examples of the topics of queries one can encounter while answering the survey:

  • The Calibre of the Meals and Beverages
  • The Variety of Food Selections Offered
  • The General Cleanliness of the Establishment
  • The Staff Members’ Benevolence
  • General Satisfaction of Visitors
  • The pricing Of the Meal Options Offered
  • Future Ratings
  • Accuracy of Orders

Moreover, as appreciation for successfully finishing and submitting this survey, the respondents get a chance to receive a $2 discount coupon that may be redeemed at a Moe’s Southwest Grill outlet on their next purchase. Also as previously said, because it is a web-based survey, anyone can take it at their comfort and convenience.


About Moe’s Southwest Grill 

Moe’s Southwest Grill is a fast-casual restaurant chain that offers a variety of Mexican-inspired dishes. The restaurant was founded in December 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia by Raving Brands. The concept for the restaurant was inspired by the popularity of Tex-Mex cuisine in the southern United States, and the founders aimed to create a fast-casual restaurant that offered high-quality food at affordable prices.

Moe’s Southwest Grill is known for its fresh ingredients and unique menu items. The restaurant offers a variety of burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and nachos, as well as salads and bowls. One of the standout features of Moe’s is the ability to customize your order with a variety of toppings and sauces, allowing customers to create a personalized meal.

Over the years, Moe’s Southwest Grill has expanded rapidly, with more than 700 locations across the United States and several international locations. The restaurant has also won numerous awards and accolades, including being named the top Mexican food chain in the Fast Casual Top 100 list for 2020.

In 2007, Moe’s Southwest Grill was acquired by Focus Brands, which also owns other popular restaurant chains such as Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s. Under the ownership of Focus Brands, Moe’s has continued to grow and innovate, introducing new menu items and expanding its digital ordering capabilities.

In recent years, Moe’s Southwest Grill has also made a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The restaurant has implemented eco-friendly practices in its operations, such as using compostable packaging and reducing food waste, and has also partnered with various charitable organizations to support local communities.


Rules & Guidelines: Moe’s Southwest Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey 2023

  • To participate in the survey you must have a receipt of your last Moe’s Store visit.
  • The receipt has the survey invitation
  • The receipt is valid for 7 days
  • The offer lapses 30 days after the receipt date.
  • The offer participation method is online
  • Moe’s survey is limited to one receipt per person
  • This offer is limited to one free item per receipt per visit.
  • One must have access to a mobile, computer and a good internet connection
  • A valid Moe’s Southwest Grill receipt with a survey invitation is a must to participate in the survey, date and other details will be asked given on the receipt
  • Some time in hand to answer a few survey questions.


How to participate in Moe’s Southwest Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey 2023?

Step 1: Moe’s Southwest Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey can only be taken online at

Step 2: Read carefully through the instructions and detailed information provided by Moe’s before clicking on the above link.

Step 3: Enter the time and date from the receipt of the recent visit, also please enter the check number as well as the receipt number given on the receipt.

Step 4: Once the survey starts you will get multiple-choice questions to answer. This will help you rate your experience at the brand’s outlet during your last visit.

Step 5: Based on the experience of your most recent visit to Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant answer all the questions, you may choose multiple answers wherever required.

Step 6: There are text boxes to help you write your comments and type answers wherever necessary

Step 7: Please give your feedback in good conscience and as precisely as you can

Step 8: Once you are done filling in the survey questionnaire, click on “NEXT”.

Step 9: You shall be entering a contest where the winner shall get prizes

Step 10: The prize of the survey is $2 off at Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant.

Step 11: We request you to fill in your contact information like name, phone number and email address at the end of the survey as it will help Moe’s Southwest Grill team to get in touch with you in case you win.


Contact Details

To help the brand address your feedback/complaints/suggestions, please connect with them via or call them at contact us at 877-663-7411 for further assistance.



In addition to offering the best ambience and client service, Moe’s Southwest Grill focuses on serving nutritional, healthy, all-natural Mexican cuisine that has a low ecological effect. In addition to its food, Moe’s Southwest Grill is known for its quirky and irreverent brand identity as well. The restaurant has a distinct personality that is reflected in its advertising, social media presence, and even its restaurant design.

Moe’s Southwest Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey 2023 gives its patrons, a chance to provide their own candid and unfiltered feedback in a secure atmosphere. Every single patron now has the opportunity to have a significant influence on how their favourite restaurant is run on a daily basis thanks to this survey.

It also gives a chance to the management to evaluate the brand marketing strategy according to its set benchmarks. After taking part in the survey, participants will get a chance to get a $2 discount coupon that may be redeemed at a Moe’s Southwest Grill outlet on their next purchase. So, hurry up and participate!


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