The Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey is a survey created and managed by the brand itself. This is an online questionnaire that collects customers’ inputs on their overall happiness with the brand and its offers. This survey is available at

The purpose of this questionnaire is to please all frequent clients, so it calls on all of its consumers to participate in their official online questionnaire. Customer satisfaction surveys are an effective and priceless instrument in every brand’s battle for the psyches and loyalties of its consumers. This survey is all about the recent experiences Philips 66 clients had at one of its locations. This survey will use a questionnaire to ask customers for feedback on the products and services.

Every company owner’s major concern and focus should be client happiness. If a customer is dissatisfied, they are unlikely to buy from you again. These kinds of surveys give customers the chance to communicate their personal opinions with the business directly, which the latter may then utilise to analyse and enhance its offerings, environment, and customer support.

Moreover, individuals have the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes and become the possible winner of 1 of 60 $25 Phillips 66 gas gift cards as gratitude for all of their support in finishing the survey and partaking in the improvement of the firm. Since it’s an internet-based survey, anyone may complete it whenever they feel that it’s convenient.


About Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is a leading energy manufacturing and logistics company based in the United States. The company was founded in 1917 by Frank Phillips, and it has since grown into a major player in the global energy industry. Phillips 66 operates in various segments, including refining, chemicals, midstream, and marketing and specialities.

Phillips 66 has a rich history that spans over a century. The company was originally founded as Phillips Petroleum Company in 1917 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, by Frank Phillips. The company grew rapidly in the early years, expanding its operations and refining capacity. During World War II, the Phillips Petroleum Company played a critical role in supplying fuel to the Allied forces.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Phillips Petroleum Company expanded its international operations, establishing a presence in countries such as Canada, Venezuela, and Indonesia. Phillips 66 was carved out as a separate, independent corporation in 2012.

The company’s refining segment is responsible for processing crude oil into various refined products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Phillips 66 has a significant refining capacity of approximately 2.2 million barrels of crude oil per day, making it one of the largest independent refiners in the world. The chemicals segment produces various products such as plastics, resins, and adhesives. The midstream segment provides logistics and transportation services for crude oil and refined products, while the marketing and specialities segment sells various petroleum products to customers.

Today, Phillips 66 is a Fortune 500 company with operations in over 25 countries. The company has a strong commitment to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint. Phillips 66 is also committed to giving back to the communities in which it operates, and it has established various programs to support education, health, and safety initiatives.


Rules & Guidelines: Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • To participate in the survey, participants must have the purchase receipt of their last Phillips66 visit.
  • The purchase receipt has the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction survey invitation
  • This survey is limited to one receipt per person
  • The offer is limited to one free item per receipt per visit.
  • The survey can only be taken online and by mail.
  • The client must be 18 years of age or above and a citizen of the USA at the time of partaking in this survey
  • One must have access to a working computer and a stable internet
  • The respondent must know English or Spanish language.
  • A valid Phillips66 receipt with a survey invitation is a must to participate in the survey

How to participate in the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Step 1: Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey can only be taken online

Step 2: To participate in the survey, log on to

Step 3: Select your preferred language for communication as English or Spanish

Step 4: Also, you can view and read the survey’s guidelines and privacy statement. Once prepared, press the “Start” tab.

Step 5: Read carefully the information given regarding the survey and enter the zip number of the station you visited given on the receipt. An example is given to the left highlighted in red.

Step 6: Also a search area is given to help you. Click search when you are ready and it will take you to the next screen.

Step 7: Enter the date and time of your visit as given on the receipt.

Step 8: Once this online survey commences you will get multiple questions to answer. There will be two or three questions given per webpage.

Step 9: Respond to every question based upon your latest visit to Phillips 66 outlets, as this will enable you to share your perspective and criticism. To advance to the following page, click “Next”.

Step 10: Please provide your feedback fairly and as truthfully as you can after reading all the directions judiciously.

Step 11: Once you fill in the survey click on the “SUBMIT” button

Step 12: The prize of the survey is a chance to win a gift card of $25 off on their next purchase at any Phillips66 outlet

Step 13: You are encouraged to enter your contact info like name, number and email address at the conclusion of this survey.

Step 14: If you do not wish to enter the sweepstake close the browser.


Contact Details

To help the brand address their feedback/complaints/suggestions, log on to  for their online response system and other available options.



Phillips 66 is a significant energy production and logistics corporation established in the United States with a century-long history. Because of its commitment to sustainability and community engagement, the business has established itself as a recognized player in the worldwide energy market. Thus, in order to gauge what genuinely works in practice and what doesn’t for Phillips 66 as a brand, it is conducting this customer satisfaction survey. After finishing this questionnaire, participants will have the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes and become the possible winner of 1 of 60 $25 Phillips 66 gas gift cards. So Hurry! Take part today!


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